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On Bahrain

I have been following closely the dramatic developments in Bahrain since February of this year. Below are some of my recent analyses:

  • An Exclusive Interview with the Bahrain Mirror – “The solution is in a joint Saudi-Iranian-Iraqi Initiative” Read it here (in Arabic)
  • “Crackdown in Bahrain” in Foreign Policy on 17 February 2011 – “The Khalifa leadership is faced with the choice of truly liberalizing or risking outside intervention — which would mean a grave loss of their position, and a potential catastrophe for the United States as well.” Read it here
  • “The Center or Bust: Will the Various Forces in Bahrain Finally Compromise on a Centrist Approach to Power?” in Jadaliyya on 8 March 2011 – Read it here
  • “Saudi Arabia Strikes Back” in Foreign Policy on 14 March 2011 – “Their decision to intervene directly in Bahrain’s affairs suggests a weakness in the Saudi leadership and Riyadh’s surrender to the more conservative elements in the country.” Read it here
  • On TVO’s Agenda with Steve Paikin, “Battleground Bahrain” Watch it here